Monday, January 10, 2011

Phily's Cheesesteak @ MC Home Depot

As my husband and I arrived at MC Home Depot for their gig at Obsidian Bar, we were starving already and stopped by at Phily's Cheesesteak. I'm curious about the taste of cheesesteaks so I told him to dine there.

Here are the photos around the diner:

Here are our orders:

Brewed Iced Tea 30php

Hoola - Hoop 50php

Fries (it comes with the sandwich you order)

Challenger 85php (US beef, bacon, mushrooms, cheese sauce and caramelized onion)

Cadillac 80php (only difference is that it does not have bacon)

If you have tried the bacon mushroom melt of Wendy's, these sandwiches taste like that. For the cost, it's pretty affordable.

If you are bored and brought scissors with you..You might take the time to build this car cutout paper..

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