Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Breakfast time!!!My mom-in-law just brought home a box of eggs last night so I thought of making egg sandwiches for today and cook chili-mansi pancit canton as well..

egg sandwich

Again I used the provolone here then the egg spread consists of (hard boiled egg, onion, mayo, pickles, salt and pepper)

pancit canton yey!


Monday, September 20, 2010


Finally, I was able to use the provolone cheese that my friend Topeng gave me as a present from Buenos Aires..
I was very giddy to try this on any recipe because of the curiosity for the taste. Hmm..It's like mozzarella and bland but great for my recipe because it's a pizza anyway..

Here's what I have come up with for another hearty breakfast..This is my SARDINE PIZZA..Ingredients are bread, spanish style sardines (any brand), pizza sauce and cheese (whatever cheese you like)..In this case I obviously used the provolone but you can put whatever you prefer..

Good thing my husband liked the pizza..I was anxious of the taste because this is my first time doing this recipe and I don't really like eating sardines but glad with the results..Try this one!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Originally, I was planning to treat my husband at ClawDaddy for our anniversary but it turns out that I am just lucky because it's the other way around (he paid "yey!")and we've got to dine here earlier than the set date..hehehe!!!
 my beloved food buddies..hehehe

While waiting for our orders I took a photo of the place..Actually, the joint is really inviting and you will feel really comfortable even when you eat just using your hands..
Cute right?There's another wall painting on my left side but I was too forgetful and not even took a photo of it..
Waiting for our orders..My son is so talkative..Husband is a bit bored or just sleepy..:))

 Really nice ambiance here..


Before we eat the waiter placed the "clawdaddy" bib on us
but my husband was a bit shy when the waiter did this.. He actually wanted to take off the bib, but I said no..hahaha..

It seemed that he liked the bib anyway..or not?(hahahaha!!!)

Here we go..
First we were served with the pitcher of lemonade that is included in our order for the main dish..

Filling up his glass with the lemonade..

My son is not a fan of any beverages..Just water and milk..oh and chocolate drink!

Corn as starter..

Corn Muncher..hehehe..

3 sticks of garlic breads..

New England Crab and Seafood Boil 1,395php
The taste is just alright..I loved the shrimps..But afterward, we realized to have just chosen other cooking options for the seafood so the taste would have been better or with the wow factor..
Pizza and Chicken 275php

We ordered this for Elbo.. I liked the flavor of the chicken but my husband was not satisfied because he said that it was dry..

Enjoying eating using only my hands and having fun with the crawfish and watermelon..hahahaha!!!

I think Elbo wants to check the bill..Like as if he is the one who's going to pay for everything..hahaha..


You should try dining here..

Monday, September 13, 2010


this has cost me 30php each lols!17php for large scramble plus the 3 additional toppings (sago, rice crispies and milk)..the sago was a bit sour I wonder why..MANILA SCRAMBLE

PANCAKE HOUSE @ galleria

had early dinner at Pancake House in Galleria

kiwi shake

minute maid juice


fish and chips

chicken in slaw

spaghetti (for elbo)

beef tagliatelle in tomato cream sauce
I lost the receipt so I won't be able to include the prices of each. But as I recall our bill was around 819php for everything..

Sunday, September 12, 2010


(pork bbq, mashed potato with mushrooms and buttered baguio beans)

the mashed potato looked like icecream..(LOL!)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I just want to take a picture of what I usually prepare in the morning when I have the opportunity in doing so. These past months my husband and I are not able to have dinner together because of his work. Apparently, he comes home late already, thus breakfast is the perfect time for us to dine together. This is one of the "hearty breakfasts" I make for us. 

fried rice, corned beef, omelette (egg, garlic, onion, red bellpepper, cheese and pepper), lemonade..

with such breakfast I'm sure he's going to work super energized!love you daddy!!!