Monday, February 21, 2011

PUDTRIP! @ Megamall Foodcourt

I don't know but it seemed that I missed my Tito Alex that I want to eat in the foodcourt this time and buy foods that my Tito and I usually eat before when he would take me to Landmark..hahaha..(cavite homesick mode)

Sizzling Tilapia
This is the kind of dish that my Tito usually bought before for us to eat..The taste is similar to what he would always order in Landmark Makati..(reminisce lang ako)..

1/4 order Lydia's Lechon
Partner for the Tilapia..hahahaha..

Seafood Sisig
My husband's order
Om nom nom..hahaha..

Monday, February 14, 2011

AKK Dinner at SiS MOA

My bestfriend Chel is going to Australia this Feb 28 and as a farewell get-together she has chosen for us (AKK friends) to dine here at SiS..

Ensaladang Mangga (bes' forever favorite)

Mahi-mahi sa Miso


Stuffed Squid

Grilled Liempo

Baked Tahong

Tokwa?hahahaha..naaah this is Leche Flan!

Before we head off, final group pic thanks to the waiter..:))

Sunday, February 6, 2011

SUSHI-YA @ Megamall

Before heading to the grocery we had dinner here at Sushi-Ya because Daddy wants to eat fish..

My gosh what a hair!:))

Our orders:

Miso Soup 40php (good start because my tummy is aching a bit due to the alcohols that we drank last night hahahaha!!!)

Sushi-Ya Fried Rice 40php (seems like the yang chow fried rice but not that tasty but it's alright with us because we do not want anything too salty..)

 Maguro Teppanyaki 110php (It's tuna that looks like tofu)

Kakiage 90php (vegetable tempura)

Gindara Teriyaki 250php (a bit bland but still I liked it)

Beef Teriyaki (forgot the price)

Total bill is about 1k php..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

26th Birthday Celebration @ Bubba Gump Greenbelt

Initially, I was planning to treat my family at Italianni's but plans were changed because Daddy wants a new venue for us to have a date..hehe..So, I came up with the idea of eating at Bubba Gump so we can also watch a movie after..We watched Yogi Bear 3d after we ate here..

Some photos of the restaurant:

Elbo playing with crayons..

Family pic 

Our orders:

Louisiana Lemonade 185.84php + sc

Mango Lemon Up 110.62php + sc

Grilled Shrimp Salad with Garlic 376.11php + sc

Onion Rings 159.29php + sc

Spicy Jambalaya Pasta 438.06php + sc

Bourbon Mahi-Mahi 473.45php + sc

Elbo dropped the piece of garlic bread

Elbo seems stuck up after eating so much food..(lols!)

PP Louisiana Lemonade 309.73php + sc

I bought a glass from them because it's so cute!

The bill