Saturday, April 24, 2010

WHAM BORGERS!@ megamall

I'm craving for some burger and good thing that I remembered that I haven't tried dining at this food joint called Wham!Burgers so I told Daddy for us to go there.

So here are the photos..


I know this is not the biggest burger around, but so far this is the biggest that I've tried. Gladly, I'm not disappointed with the taste. Yummy!I want more..Even though I only get to ate half of it. LOLs.

our bill..


Friday, April 23, 2010


My good friend Jhona came home from Norway and I asked her to bring me 2 bags of TWIX..(My favorite chocolate ever since I'm a kid)..Gladly she did..Love you!!!She also brought me some sweet and sour candies from that country, I'm just not sure if those are also available here.

good thing the amount of calories are placed on the wrapper..I'm able to watch how much calories I've consumed..(diet mode!)

I just realized when I was taking photos of these candies that the plastic is triangular..nice..


a closer look..

Friday, April 2, 2010


Good Friday and we got nothing to do..There was no plan of any outing since bro-in-law is away for an overnight trip in Bataan..So we are stuck at home..Husbie and I decided to went out and buy some supplies (milk, diaper, toiletries) for Elbo..

As we approached the tricycle waiting area on our way back we stumbled on the Japanese cake stand..Actually, this was not the first time I get to have a taste of this 5php treat (first one was in Hundred Islands "weird!")..Unfortunately, we were not able to bring our camera to get a shot of the cooking tool..Will do that next time..

JAPANESE CAKE @ 5php each

This is very addicting as I want to keep munching on them..But I gotta watch on my calorie mode..