Sunday, October 31, 2010

Revisiting Mr. Choi Kitchen @ Robinson's Galleria

It's been a year since we last dined here at Mr. Choi Kitchen possibly all of my in-laws are not aware of it that we ate here also on the same date..hahaha!Also, this was the same date when my friend Choy had his despedida in Cavite in which I was not able to attend because of a foreboding storm..

Picking what to order..
  I look possessed here..hahaha!!!

Father and son (kulitan mode)

 They always serve the rice last.. =))
 Soy Chicken 200php

Fresh Scallop with Broccoli or Asparagus 240php

 Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style 240php

 Hot Prawn Salad 320php
We were surprised that you can really pair this with rice..It's so yummy!!!Will have this again..

Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper 240php
 Yang Chow Fried Rice 175php

Salted Fish with Diced Chicken Fried Rice 165php

 Calamansi Juice

 Iced Tea

 Pineapple Shake 72php

 Watermelon Shake 72php

Total bill is about 2,100php..We're so BUSOG!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

TOKYO CAFE @ McKinley Venice Piazza

After the Adobo Run After Dark 2010, my husband enticed me to have dinner at Piazza since the running event is also there. Good thing that I saw the Tokyo Cafe which was advised to me by my friend Ghel. The other branch of this restaurant is at MOA and it is too far for us to visit, so I did not think twice but to dine here. 

Trying to have a super quick shot of the menu because our G11 is running out of battery..

Mango Smoogee 125php
Refreshing mango smoogee topped with mango jellies
Daddy looked too cute in this photo..The mango smoogee tasted like nutrilicious..hahaha!

 LOCO MOCO 135php
 We're trying to get a better and different shot of Daddy's meal..This meal is satisfying since we are somewhat hungry at this point due to the 5k run..hahaha!

Breaded fish fillet, lettuce, onion and cheese in Kaiser bun
I loved the flavor of the fish, but Daddy did not like the dressing that much but for me it's fine since I do not want ketchup on my fish sandwich..

The Damage

Overall, I liked the food we ate here and will try to dine here next time! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's raining now because of the storm named "Juan" and the perfect food to start your day is none other than..CHAMPORADO!

This is the first time that I have cooked champorado from scratch and it's not easy as I thought..lols!

finished product..

This is Daddy's preference..Is it weird?

More cheese..He's not satisfied with the amount I put at first..

This is my bowl..I want to put some more sugar but Daddy does not want to buy from the sari-sari store..He said that the sweetness is enough and he does not want me to add anymore sugar..:( Talk about health conscious..lols!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Another scramble invasion..I will not let this one pass..

So far, of all the three scrambles that we've tried, Manila Scramble is still the best for me..That's just my opinion..

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Finally, my husband and I get to visit the Banchetto Feast in Ortigas which was initially planned on October 8, 2010. But since some of my Cainta friends are not available at that time, we moved the date to October 15, 2010 (SAHOD!). I've read some blogs beforehand to have a glimpse of what to expect on this event..As expected there were too many people around the area and there was like a huge surge of them.
My husband and I were already there at 11pm because this is the set time I've told my friends..We've watched how the event started and they were still installing their food stands..We were sitting in front of the PLDT building at that time..

We were kind of bored at this moment because our friends have not yet arrived..

Here are the owners of the food stands and they are preparing to setup their areas..
Happy Halloween!!!

 another spider..

Ok..LIGHTS ON!And the people are starting to increase in number..

Alright, just a few minutes more and the event is about to start..

Abe and Mac have arrived..

And so are Ryan and Jeebs..

We were not able to purchase immediately at any of the stalls because there was a huge surge of people all around so we decided to wait till 1:30am and just drank a couple bottles of San Mig Light first at Eat My English..

When we head back, we went straight to the stall of Juicy Lucy but there were no more burgers for us..However, our friend Marko together with his girlfriend Fibi were able to score some for them, fortunately we got ours as well..YEY!!


Here are the photos of the foods that you can order here..I was able to capture most of them before the extreme "human traffic" occured..
semi-traffic..I'm so giddy for the photo-op!

this is not Sbarro..

BIG slab of liempo..great deal for 75php..



So hot in these areas..apparently!:))

yum yum desserts..but was told that these were expensive?not sure though I was not able to ask for the prices..

this is the Sbarro stall..

tempura anyone?

Juicy Lucy with mozzarella on the center of the nom nom!

3 for 100 desserts..

want to go Hungarian?SCHUBLIG!

These are used for the bibingkas!



Juicy Lucy

Chicken Kebab

Angus Beef kebab

Aligue Rice

This stall sells a wide variety of ihaw-ihaws!

Here's the traffic

define heavy traffic..hahaha..seems like there is a concert going on..CONCERT OF FOOD!

Here's when we get to have a nice area to stay and gorge on our meals..hehehe..

enjoying aligue rice..

yum yum Juicy Lucy

Enjoying Aligue Rice..

I've had enough Aligue Rice..

Mixing the booze..hahahaha!!!Our night will not be complete without this..lols!

Day Break!!!

Finally, Monet came but it is time for the early birds to go home..

This wraps our BANCHETTO trip!It was totally fun!!!
Opens only on Fridays from 12mn-12nn at Emerald Ave. Ortigas