Sunday, October 10, 2010

AMBER'S BEST @ Chino Roces Makati

This is our first time to dine here at Amber's Best, thanks to my good friend Dave Repuela for taking us here after our super tiring 3k fun run - walk at MOA for the Pasig 10.10.10. Run. 

Those customers were from the run as well. Actually, they arrived here first.

More photos of the whole place..

The counter..The prices above are for the pancit bilaos..

My friend Dave taking our group pic..

Dave's girlfriend Lalaine trying to get a clearer group shot..hahaha..

(Dave and Lalaine goofing around)I look so tired and sleepy in here.. Blame it for having sleepless night before the run..(ALL THE TIME!)

My husband (running buddy for life)

Peers of Dave and Lalaine..

Here are our orders..Forgive me for the blurry images because they were only taken from the Nokia 5800 of my husband..G11 is not with us at this time..hehehe..

2pcs. of bbq with rice..(bbq is priced at 15php per stick, rice 10php)

Tapsilog 60php

Hotsilog (I don't know the price)hahaha..

Embusilog (60php)
My husband was too excited to dig in and he did not wait for me to take a picture of the food first..(see the fried rice is already a bit flattened)ahahaha..He just realized it after I asked him that I will take a shot of his meal..LOLs..

Pancit Malabon (50php)

Pichi-Pichi Cheese (5php per piece)

Our take home of the Pancit Malabon (300php) and Pichi-Pichi Cheese 40pcs in a styro pack underneath this bilao (200php)

Our orders arrived 30mins after we placed our orders. That was a bit of a long wait but nevertheless we were really satisfied with the flavors of the food. The total bill was about 1200php inclusive of our take-out foods. My husband and I ordered the tapsilog, embusilog and 2pcs of pork bbq. (Super sulit and busog with our breakfast talaga!)

When we got home, that was the time when I really had the chance to taste our take-out Pancit Malabon and Pichi-Pichi cheese. The Pancit Malabon tasted great even without the calamansi and chicharon bits!So far, this is the best Pancit Malabon I've ever eaten and will buy again the pancit if I'll be able to drop by at any Amber's branch. The Pichi-Pichi Cheese was oh so yummy as well (very addictive!). I hope I'll get to taste their spaghetti on our next visit. hehe..

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