Saturday, October 30, 2010

TOKYO CAFE @ McKinley Venice Piazza

After the Adobo Run After Dark 2010, my husband enticed me to have dinner at Piazza since the running event is also there. Good thing that I saw the Tokyo Cafe which was advised to me by my friend Ghel. The other branch of this restaurant is at MOA and it is too far for us to visit, so I did not think twice but to dine here. 

Trying to have a super quick shot of the menu because our G11 is running out of battery..

Mango Smoogee 125php
Refreshing mango smoogee topped with mango jellies
Daddy looked too cute in this photo..The mango smoogee tasted like nutrilicious..hahaha!

 LOCO MOCO 135php
 We're trying to get a better and different shot of Daddy's meal..This meal is satisfying since we are somewhat hungry at this point due to the 5k run..hahaha!

Breaded fish fillet, lettuce, onion and cheese in Kaiser bun
I loved the flavor of the fish, but Daddy did not like the dressing that much but for me it's fine since I do not want ketchup on my fish sandwich..

The Damage

Overall, I liked the food we ate here and will try to dine here next time! :)

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