Sunday, October 31, 2010

Revisiting Mr. Choi Kitchen @ Robinson's Galleria

It's been a year since we last dined here at Mr. Choi Kitchen possibly all of my in-laws are not aware of it that we ate here also on the same date..hahaha!Also, this was the same date when my friend Choy had his despedida in Cavite in which I was not able to attend because of a foreboding storm..

Picking what to order..
  I look possessed here..hahaha!!!

Father and son (kulitan mode)

 They always serve the rice last.. =))
 Soy Chicken 200php

Fresh Scallop with Broccoli or Asparagus 240php

 Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style 240php

 Hot Prawn Salad 320php
We were surprised that you can really pair this with rice..It's so yummy!!!Will have this again..

Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper 240php
 Yang Chow Fried Rice 175php

Salted Fish with Diced Chicken Fried Rice 165php

 Calamansi Juice

 Iced Tea

 Pineapple Shake 72php

 Watermelon Shake 72php

Total bill is about 2,100php..We're so BUSOG!

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