Sunday, February 6, 2011

SUSHI-YA @ Megamall

Before heading to the grocery we had dinner here at Sushi-Ya because Daddy wants to eat fish..

My gosh what a hair!:))

Our orders:

Miso Soup 40php (good start because my tummy is aching a bit due to the alcohols that we drank last night hahahaha!!!)

Sushi-Ya Fried Rice 40php (seems like the yang chow fried rice but not that tasty but it's alright with us because we do not want anything too salty..)

 Maguro Teppanyaki 110php (It's tuna that looks like tofu)

Kakiage 90php (vegetable tempura)

Gindara Teriyaki 250php (a bit bland but still I liked it)

Beef Teriyaki (forgot the price)

Total bill is about 1k php..

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