Thursday, January 13, 2011

AMICI @ Atrium Megamall

Last night we visited Amici at Atrium Megamall. I was inquisitive with what they have to offer but got really disappointed.

As first timers, we are not aware that it is a self-service restaurant. However, their waiters did not even bother to give us the menu when we head to one of their tables. The entire restaurant is huge but we believe that they should have made the area smaller if they would not be able to give great customer service. 

As for all the food, we find it very boring and they should really improve all of it..

Here are our orders:

Mozarella Fritto 170php
Mozarella sticks with promodoro sauce
I find the taste of the mozzarella to be odd..The one we've tried at Las Paella's at Galleria is better..
 Tutta Carne 295 php
Pepperoni, ham and Italian sausage
Few toppings and the taste is forgettable..

Spaghetti ai Tesori del Mare 260php
Mildly spicy spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, clams, mussels, scallops and chili oil
The seashells tasted (malansa) I can cook better seafood pasta than them (lols!yabang!)It's too oily as well and there's no wow factor..

After he vomit on his pants (got choked on the slice of the mozzarella stick)..haha!

finding what to order..

Our bills is around 800php and we're not really satisfied with the flavor of the dishes..It's better to eat at Sbarro..hahaha!


  1. I think has something to do with it being only a franchise of Amici. Not much quality control on how they manage their franchisee.

    Maybe you can go to the original Amici Resto in Don Bosco for a second opinion. :P

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  3. maybe you're right true that case take us there..lols!

  4. i love amici esp. the aglio olio, spinach linguine puttanesca, pizza & gelatos