Friday, January 21, 2011

Kotie Japanese Restaurant @ Crown Regency Towers Cebu

After a long and tiring day because of the Sinulog parade, we decided to dine at Kotie Japanese Restaurant in Crown Regency Towers since later on we are heading to their Skytour activity..


Here are our orders:
Tuna Sushi (It's like drinking tequilla because you have to finish each piece of sushi with sipping the juice of the lemon slice, or are we not doing it right?=)) )

Kani Salad (First time that I appreciated crab sticks because it's juicy)

Japanese Mixed Rice (I forgot what's it called but the taste is superb but it's way overpriced probably because the restaurant is in the hotel)

Beef Curry (Actually, you will not taste any curry in it but it's more like chopsuey)

Salmon Teriyaki (I love its texture because it's crunchy on the outside and soft inside, the sauce is sweet. Sorry for the blurred shot)

 Mango Shake

Calamansi Juice

Fireworks everywhere (seen from one of the windows in the restaurant)

Fireworks from atop our area..nice right?

The food here is great but their service is too sluggish..The waiter has informed us that the dishes will be served after 25 minutes. It is fine at first but I believe that we waited there for about an hour or so for all the dishes to be served..Total bill is around 1500php for everything..

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