Friday, January 21, 2011

Exotic Bar & Restaurant @ Malapascua Island

When we arrived at Malapascua Island, we were already starving because we reached the place at around 4pm but we are at the Maya Port at 12:30pm..The weather was not kind to us at that time and there were huge waves in the sea..The boat ride is totally scary because the waves are literally splashing all over the boat as if it will tip over..Gladly, we reached the island safe and sound..

When you get to this restaurant, all of their customers are foreigners and you will feel kind of an outcast. The whole island is like a community to different races..

Despite of being the Pinoys in the restaurant, I still salute their great customer service..The waitress is very attentive..

On all of the bars around the island they serve (buy1get1) on their drinks for a specific time and choices of cocktails..

Here are our orders:
Greek Salad 220php

Exotic Burger 235php (I've cooked something like this before)

Fish Fillet and Prawns Thermidor 550php (You will not recognize the fish and prawns because they are covered with cheese..The veggies are fresh and I love their fried mashed potato!)

Porkloin Singara 310php (The pork is not that tender but you can still chew on it, and the sauce is like Marinara..)
Coconut Shake 100php (I don't like it that much because it tasted like gata or pandan)

Banana Shake 85php

We enjoyed all the meals as they are all scrumptious! A nice way to relieve ourselves from the scary boat ride experience..hahahaha!!!Our total bill for everything is 1540php..

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