Saturday, November 13, 2010

ARMY NAVY @ Emerald Ortigas

My husband and I went to Emerald Ave. for another Banchetto night out. Since most of our Cainta friends are not around, we decided to stay in one of the restos there which I am also targeting to eat at because of their Bully Boy!Yes, it is Army Navy..

I was telling my husband to buy the that one on the picture, but our funds are insufficient..hahahahah!!!So we just settled on the double burger, the only difference is the additional patty..

Here's our order..
If you will buy the Bully Boy, there will be 3 patties in the burger..We find this very juicy and really delicious!

Priced at 185php I think..

Daddy enjoying the Double Burger..

Iced tea for refreshment..

so blurred!

Just a segway to our Banchetto trip..
As much as possible I want to try something new whenever I'm here. Finally, I found the foodstand of Mongol-Yan..

You can put as much as you like on the bowl that they will provide..They have a set portion for the squid, ground pork and beef..

Cooking our order..We were asked what sauce to put (mongolian, sweet and spicy or hot and spicy)Picked the hot and spicy..

Waiting for our order..

Here it is..Actually, we did not like it that much because I think it lacks saltiness..

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