Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Me and my bestfriend had a double family date here at Texas Roadhouse Grill because I was very curious about the dishes that they can offer. The general experience was just ok. I was not totally wowed with the foods at all. However, the service is nice, the place is great, serving size is good for 2 and the nice thing is the free food for kids.

 just water for everyone :)

here are the free foods for the kids:

spaghetti with chicken 

 fries with chicken 

here are our orders:
buffalo wings (330php +10% sc)

boneless bbq chicken (330php + 10% sc)

shrimp and salmon skewer (440php + 10%sc)

tuna salpicao (385php + 10%sc)
grilled porkchops (340php + 10% sc)

the bar in front of our seat

my bes' family

my family

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