Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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It's my husband's birthday and I want to cook something a little special for him. Although the dishes were not extravagant at least I know that everything is a labor of love..(yes naman!)Not to mention that our guests appreciated my cooking (I hope)..hahahaha..

 happy birthday to you daddy!!!

here is the menu:
buffalo chicken
baked tahong
sisig-but I don't have a photo of it (lols)
fried wantons (no photo of the finished product)
mallows icecream cake

the procedure for the mallows cake
placed melted butter on the crushed graham then place on a round tin tray

melt marshmallow on milk in low-fire heat

melt the chocolate buttons and mix with the cream

here's how the melted mallows in milk would appear like

you would mix the choco cream mix in this then place it on the crushed graham
once it has cooled down you will refrigerate it for 8hours or overnight to fully set 

finished product

here's how I did the fried wantons
I dumped everything in (ground pork, chopped mushrooms, onions, grated carrots, minced celery, scallions, spanish paprika, salt and pepper, sesame oil)

mix everything up (looks like Payatas)

I used wanton wrappers

1 beaten egg to seal the wanton wrappers


me at work..hehehe..

my husband and friend Rapa working on the baked tahong

baked tahong (some are burned)



buffalo chicken

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