Friday, March 19, 2010


This is inspired by my friend barok..Hehe..

Sorry for my shots as they are not that appealing..I'm having a hard time adjusting the settings of our camera..I also forgot to keep the receipt so I'm not able to include the price for each pocky..Anyway here the photos..

 All my pockies..
4 pockies in 1 pack..This is a nice deal since these pockies cost a lot..I think I got this for 99php..

 Here are the inclusions inside that 4in1 box..

The box is supposed to be colored pink..However, as I mentioned I was not able to adjust the right settings..LOL..Guess I don't have photography skills or I'm simply not diligent enough to study how to do it..hahaha..

Dave is this your snack?=))
I've tried this one before, it's kinda addicting..hehe..

There are more pocky pictures to come..I'm planning to purchase again the ones that I've already tried like the Pretz corn flavored and the one with the sesame seeds..I failed to take pictures of those so I better buy them again..hehehe..So there!Enjoy..

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