Wednesday, February 10, 2010


As a kid, I was always into watching diverse cooking shows, it sort of relaxes me. While I was growing up I am always interested on how to create the best Italian dishes that I can serve for my folks and companions. Aside from that I am also interested with different cuisines (Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean and others).

My uncle was the one who introduced numerous “toshalin” foods to me. I considered the meals “toshal” since I never tasted those kinds of dishes when I was around 15 or younger I guess. The restaurants I recalled he took me to dine-in were Itallianis, Buddha (greenbelt) and Dulcinea to name some. For others this is not the lavish kind of dining experience but for me it was the best and like TOSHALIN! Since then I was able to savor several cuisines but not the “exotic” ones as I don’t have the stomach to take those.

I also have the passion to cook and not simply dine out at restaurants. My grandma would always tell me “ayoko talaga ng ganyang pagluluto masyadong mabusisi” – “I don’t really like that kind of cooking procedure it is laborious”. At times I’m pissed off by her because of her sentiments when I’m cooking but afterwards she would appreciate the dishes that I came up with. Of course not all of my experiments were successful, I even tried cooking pizza dough in the oven toaster LOL, and it sucks! But granny ate it, hahaha that was a funny memory. The first Italian pasta dish I made for my folks includes shrimp, mirepoix, crushed tomato, basil, olives and s&p. I don’t know what to call this dish so I just wrote the ingredients. My uncle really loved it and I was satisfied with the results.

With the help of this blog, I would be able to share my experiences to friends and others out there who are also food enthusiasts like me. Come and let’s take a trip to all the dining spots here in the Philippines and probably abroad! Weee!!! TARA GUYZ LAFHANGZ TAIO!!!

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