Sunday, June 20, 2010


Who says we need to go to the restaurant to celebrate Father's Day? I believe it is best to create delectable dishes at home to serve for my father-in-law and husband to commemorate their special day. Originally, I planned to be in my "chef mode" for this particular day. Unfortunately, my husband and I were not able to purchase the ingredients yesterday. But thanks to my mother-in-law as she made an effort to prepare something great for lunch and with a little help from me to adjust the flavors of the grilled blue-marlin, it turned out great!


I got all sweaty doing this chore..But anyway I really enjoy grilling..

7 pcs. steak cut grilled blue marlin..


I'm not sure if this is ours but since the boxes are in the dining table, I took a picture of it.

let's chow!

never forget the shrimp paste for the kare!

wuhoo!!empty plate!!!

chocolate almond ice cream which is too soft..eek!the fridge is not working well again..

our water-boy as he is addicted to drinking water..

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